Drastically reduce health care costs.

Velum Health works with commercial and government entities to significantly lower healthcare costs with out sacrificing services for the consumers and beneficiaries.

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Lower health care costs without sacrificing service.

Velum Health saves companies on average $240,000 per year per 100 employees on health care cost-with no change in plan design or service providers.

Understand, manage and control your organization's healthcare costs. Velum Health helps clients purchase health care in the same way they buy all other goods and services - with transparency, clearly understood terms and with a direct relationship between cost and price. Typical savings are $240,000 per 100 employees.

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Healthcare costs are spiraling out of control.

Presently these costs consume almost 20% of US GDP and rising. Families are maxed out on what they can afford, businesses are maxed out and forgoing raises to key employees, just to keep pace with escalating costs. Finally, governments from city, state and federal are drowning in Healthcare costs. Simply put, there is no more money on the revenue side to cover health care inflation. The big win in healthcare today is on the cost control side of the equation. Using existing revenues we lower healthcare costs so businesses can invest the savings in families and growth to build stronger more competitive communities.